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Invaluable insights. A 'must-read'

This is an excellent book. In the words of the old book-review cliché, 'I couldn't put it down'.

It charts the author's relationship with his wife, and in doing so gives us a rare window on the day-to-day life of a sufferer of depression.

It's a very frank and honest personal tale, written in an accessible style.

We hear first-hand about some of the horrors of the condition, but we are left with only hope and optimism- testament to the author's love for his wife, and his determination not to let the illness win.

This book is required reading for anyone close to a victim of depression or other mental illness. Thoroughly recommended.


Steven, Manchester 

Reality Check

Before reading this book, I would never bother about my own well-being and always put others above myself. I do not know much about depression but after reading this book, I find myself researching a lot about the symptoms and effects of this illness. I also did a reality check of myself and I feel that I might be suffering from early signs of depression.  I have booked an appointment to see my doctor and this is all thanks to the author.

This book also made me realize how important it is for would be parents to educate themselves about post-natal depression and how to cope with it. There are many fathers in the same situation and ended up being depressed themselves, without seeking treatment. I applaud the author for writing his experiences and thank you, once again.

Sue, Malaysia

An Amazing True Story Everyone Can Relate To

Read the book in one day, very engaging!
Although a serious and distressing subject matter, I was enthralled by the emotion and endearment portrayed throughout the story.

Upon turning the final page I realised I had completed  'Her World', along the journey I had been to the author's world too.

Thank you Mr Lurie for a porthole into your universe!



Rachel, London

Thank You for Sharing



I read this book from cover to cover in one day.  Michael Lurie's personal story into his key relationship(s) is insightful, candid and inspiring.  Anyone who knows or cares for someone with, or indeed has depression themselves, should read this book; it shows people that they are not alone and that, trying as times may often be, things can get better.  Thank you again for sharing.



Mark, UK



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